Mission, Vision and Values of INTECO

Our mission

INTECO’s mission is to add value and innovate for citizens, SMEs, Public Administrations and ICT sector through projects aimed at enhancing trust in Society of Information services in Spain, and by fostering international collaboration in this field.

Our vision

INTECO’s vision is to reach its objectives through:

  • Highly qualified professionals, who are able to innovate and create value and are firmly, committed to INTECO’s projects.
  • Expanding the ICT sector, generating new business and opportunities for clients, suppliers and professionals.
  • Encouraging equal opportunities for Spanish companies, especially SMEs. INTECO acts as an ICT innovation source.
  • Supporting citizens who are the key factor for the positive impact of new technologies development.

Our values

INTECO’s values are:

  • Transparency with society, clients and the ICT sector agents.
  • We strive for excellence both in our behaviour and in our projects.
  • Commitment to Public Service, the raison d’être of a state-owned company.
  • Keeping the innovative spirit in all our projects; why we are able to consistently achieve the maximum value for our clients.