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Jesús Banegas Núñez
Photo of Jesús Banegas Núñez

Jesús Banegas Núñez is Chairman of the Association of Electronics, Information Technology and Communications Industry (AETIC), a member of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Confederation of Employers and Industries (CEOE) and Chairman of its International Relations Commission.

He has a PhD in Economic Sciences and a degree in Engineering from the Complutense University of Madrid, and has participated in the Senior Management Programme (PADE) from the IESE and a management expert in the industrial and international areas, as well as in corporate alliances.

For over twenty years, he has held high responsibility positions in the most important telecommunications companies (Standard Eléctrica, Telettra Española, Telefónica Sistemas, Amper), starting in the R&D and Engineering area and continuing with Projects, Installations, Marketing and Sales until reaching the highest positions as General Manager and/or Executive Manager.

Currently, he is founder and Chairman of IP SISTEMAS (ICT Advanced Engineering) and FONYTEL (multimedia technologies and ICT developments) and a member of the Advisory Board of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX).

For many years, he was in charge of the Permanent Seminar Economy, Technology and Society of the Autonomous University of Madrid, together with Manuel Castells. Since more than a decade, he has been supervising the Telecommunications Meeting of the Mendez Pelayo International University of Santander, considered an annual summit of the sector.

At the E.U. level, he has been member of the European IT Forum and of the Executive Committee of EICTA (European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association) and member of the Advisory Council of the European Commission for the Public Markets. Currently, he is chairman of the Internal Market Committee of UNICE (European Confederation of Business Associations).

He is the author of three books and co-author of about twenty others; he has published more than two hundred articles and has given more than two hundred conferences on telecommunications, economy, industry and technology.

Jesús Banegas was born in Blanca (Murcia) in 1947: he is married and has two children and has travelled a great deal. His cultural interests are varied: plastic arts, music and literature. His favorite sports are tennis, golf and nautical sports. He has a Civil Merit Cross.